This is a user script for by kicaj
If you want to use it in WebMail Notifier, install this script.
Posted by 밝은영혼

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  1. TAU

    I have opera mail can I instalt to WebMail Notifier for alert

    2007.09.14 04:30 신고 [ ADDR : EDIT/ DEL : REPLY ]
  2. TAU

    haw to script opera mail

    2007.09.14 11:14 신고 [ ADDR : EDIT/ DEL : REPLY ]
  3. i found a bug
    QueryInterface {570f39d0-efd0-11d3-b093-00a024ffc08c}
    [Break on this error] return this;
    WebMailNotifier.j... (line 926

    2007.09.18 07:36 신고 [ ADDR : EDIT/ DEL : REPLY ]
  4. netoks

    script does not work properly, WebMail Notifier says " not checked", but when i click to "open", it opens right inbox, im loged in. what is wrong? i dont understand how to write scripts...

    2007.11.23 02:05 신고 [ ADDR : EDIT/ DEL : REPLY ]
  5. Homr

    Pardocorp tell me, how can i repair this script? Or maybe you cauld? thanks

    2008.01.06 08:42 신고 [ ADDR : EDIT/ DEL : REPLY ]
  6. Anne

    That solved it, thank you very much for your help! :)

    2008.08.13 16:09 신고 [ ADDR : EDIT/ DEL : REPLY ]
  7. Erik Brattinga

    First of all; very nice work on the Mail Notifier! I've been enjoying it for quite some time now and I must say, it's one of the few really usefull Firefox Add-ons.

    But, I've found a new problem recently which might be caused by the mail notifier application or by IE-tab.
    Whenever I try to send a mail with my Microsoft Outlook Web Acces-email an error comes up. It tells me there have been errors in a script.
    The reason I think this has something to with either IE-tab ór Mail Notifier, is because I uninstalled my firefox. Reinstalled it. Tried sending a mail; no problems there. Then I installed IE-tab. tried sending an email again; no problems there. Finally I installed Mail notifier; tried it again; and BAM my error is back.
    I realise this might be a problem of two addons working together, but maybe you could take a look at it :-)
    It would be a shame if I had to unistall either of the applications just because of minor Bug :(

    I hope you will find time and still have energy to put some effort into a great application!

    Kind regards,


    2008.08.20 18:51 신고 [ ADDR : EDIT/ DEL : REPLY ]
  8. stretchr

    I use Webmail 1.5.5 on Debian but so far, I have never gotten it to work with my Yahoo email account. Always says "Not Checked" in red. Has Yahoo changed something. FYI, I am using the new version of the Yahoo email system. Does that make any difference? This extension has always worked for me before and I really like it and appreciate your work on this project.
    Kind Regards,

    2008.09.01 21:54 신고 [ ADDR : EDIT/ DEL : REPLY ]
  9. hakalele

    Hi. I tried to make script fro for myself, but it was just crap, i don't know JS at all, so could you be so kind and try to make it?
    This is login page addres:

    and i created account for test purposes:

    Thanks in advance (from the mountain, as we would say;))

    2008.09.15 21:39 신고 [ ADDR : EDIT/ DEL : REPLY ]
  10. 비밀댓글입니다

    2008.10.01 02:48 [ ADDR : EDIT/ DEL : REPLY ]
  11. onearmfrog

    Please note - WebMailNotifier may have been breached - Two of my gmail accounts were used by for spam, I did not use my gmail pass anywhere else.

    2008.10.01 19:55 신고 [ ADDR : EDIT/ DEL : REPLY ]
  12. takenote

    Please include an option to export WMN settings (accounts, scripts) so as to migrate to, transfer to or synchronise with another computer. Great tool, thank you!

    2008.10.01 22:53 신고 [ ADDR : EDIT/ DEL : REPLY ]

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