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You can get notification when you have new scraps or new messages in orkut.

  1. Naveen 2007.09.03 20:06 신고

    hi no one use orkut mails...can you make notification for orkut scarps??

  2. 2008.01.04 02:07


  3. 2008.04.26 23:44 신고


I received the first donation for WebMail Notifier.
Thank you very much~~
  1. TOY 2007.08.30 07:06 신고


    • 밝은영혼 2007.08.30 07:51 신고

      Refer to
      Make it for yourself or provide me with a test account of operamail.

  2. TOY 2007.10.09 03:53 신고


  3. mou 2007.10.14 11:43 신고

    can i put to TO WEBMAIL NOTIFIER aol mail.

  4. was 2008.02.29 15:33 신고

    i use WebMailNotifier 1.0.9 with gmail (Automatic Connection) : but after each checking the gmailbox my preferences in google search (SafeSearch Filtering , Number of Results , Results Window) are reset !! and I had no problem before this !!

    can someone help me please ?

  5. Ming 2008.03.15 14:40 신고

    Byungwook Kang

    Your webnotifier has a bug. After I logout Yahoo , Gmail, or a userscript account, I can't use webnotifier to login again. I have to close the browser and then your webnotifier works. Can you fix the bug from your source code?

  6. Me 2008.03.20 09:24 신고

    Hi, I try to use WebMailNotifier with Firefox/3.0b4. But I get this error: WebMail Notifier 1.0.9 could not be installed because it is not compatible with Firefox 3.0b4.
    I see your AddOn is working with Firefox: 1.5 – 3.0b4pre
    What's wrong, or when I can hope for a update or a new version?
    Thx :-)

  7. antiflow 2008.05.29 05:56 신고

    Hi, I have a WebMail Notifier problem that has just happened. I cannot check any of my 6 accounts as I have always done by right clicking the systen tray icon and selecting the account to go to anymore? NOW it makes me log out of each account and re-enter my password to go from one account to the next. I have uninstalled webmail notifier and re-installed again, as well as reentering all web mail accounts (GMail)
    and still have the same problem.

    Please can anyone help?


  8. antiflow 2008.05.29 06:07 신고

    OHH YEAH , I forgot to mention that I did change the GMail language from ENGLISH US to ENGLISH UK and it made no difference except that now when I hover the cursor over the system tray icon I get a GREEN list of my email accounts and if there is ONE (1) new Email in one account....they ALL SAY "1".

    Please can you help?
    I can't live without my webmail notifier! *-*

  9. Maria 2008.06.04 17:41 신고

    Installed Webmail Notifier for the first time yesterday. Works fine with Hotmail, but for Gmail it is adding one to the number of unread emails.

    Any ideas?


  10. Alberto 2008.06.07 02:50 신고

    I'm having problems to get my mails from yahoo, can't retrieve from this account

  11. Andrey Tagaew 2008.06.19 19:53 신고

    Really great job.
    I'm using gmail based inbox and my address ends to
    Its obvious that accessing to the inbox is different that plain gmail that you offered.
    I spend 10 minutes to create it for our inbox:

    function initHandler(handler){"Wildbit";

    handler.getData=function(aData){ //aData is a html source in dataURL
    var fnd=aData.match(/Inbox \((\d+?)\)/); //find mail count
    return fnd[1];
    return -1;//display 'not checked' message

    If anyone need to use it, just replace '' in this script to your gmail based email domain and it should work.

Script for WebMail Notifier 2

Script for WebMail Notifier 1.x

This is a user script for
If you want to use it in WebMail Notifier, install this script.

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  2. annonce 2009.01.14 07:03 신고

    비밀댓글 입니다

  3. moni 2009.03.15 00:00 신고

    plz mr do you have got the right script for ?? please"!! I#m beggin you!! please!!

  4. 2009.07.09 22:35


  5. Michael 2009.07.14 14:36 신고

    Great script and Add-On. Thanx!

  6. Clemi 2009.07.16 00:08 신고

    Yes, unfortunately, the gmx-script is wrong. The notifier is not able to check the mail.

  7. Eva 2009.08.18 03:50 신고

    GMX Promail: Just a short notice on GMX Promail. The script works if you have the right configuration. Login to your webmail account and click on "Mein GMX" / "My GMX" (the homepage). On the right click on "Diese Seite konfigurieren" / "Configure this site". Select the option "standard" and the script works perfectly. Cheers - Eva

  8. G.aupz 2009.09.19 20:26 신고

    it works on my pc with ff 3.5.2
    just fill in your name and the correct password.
    everything works fine!

  9. Rada 2009.10.19 20:58 신고

    Hi guys, Webmail Notifier works fine with the basic email providers (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo) in my FF3.5.3 - thanks for the great work by the way !, however, my most-used e-mail address is on GMX, and, unfortunately, the gmx.js does not seem to work.

    I changed the line :
    and tried my full e-mail address and my gmx number of "id", but none worked.

    Another thing seems strange to me : when you right-click on the status icon, only the basic providers appear, not those added through user scripts, is it normal ?

    If anyone could provide some help, I'd be grateful, thanks for your community support, this add-on is definitely great !

  10. Rada 2009.10.21 22:26 신고

    Hello all, ok, I've been able to get one step further, maybe I missed the right part in the user manual (is there any ?) in terms of using custom scripts.
    So, now I understood that the user scripts don't need to be modified and have a generic purpose : once added, they are used as "templates" and are instanciated to add a Webmail Account through the main interface (yeah, I've been quite slow on this one, sorry !)
    So now, I have instanciated two user scripts (as provided on this site) : one Zimbra Free and one GMX, they appear in the list, and on the right-click menu of the notification icon. However, they're stalled in "not checked" red status.

    >>Is there a simple way to debug the connection process ?

    And another small thing : I can't delete user scripts : once deleted, they appear again when I open the corresponding window (tried restarting Firefox : do I have to uninstall completely the add-on to clear that, using the howto : ?

    Thanks for your help !

  11. Rada 2009.10.21 23:45 신고

    Ok, I've found where the user scripts were kept (in Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\...) and corrected them directly there, restarted Firefox and everything works fine now! GMX and Zimbra Free perfectly functional! Thanks for this great add-on (maybe a quick user manual would be helpful for poor n00b like me... ;)

    • 밝은영혼 2009.10.22 08:15 신고

      If these user scripts need corrrection,
      please send corrected scripts to me ( tobwithu at )
      to share with others.

  12. Pousa13 2009.10.23 07:07 신고

    can somebody do this for please?

  13. afasia.arq 2009.11.01 09:21 신고


  14. afasia.arq 2009.11.01 09:25 신고

    it seems not to be working with

    i've tried to change by at the script, but still it doesn't work. any idea?

    function initHandler(handler){"GMX";

    var fnd=aData.match(/<a\s+href=(\S+?) ungelesene(?:n*) E-Mail(?:s*)<\/a>/);
    if(fnd)return fnd[1];
    else return 0;
    return -1;

    handler.process=function (aHttpChannel, aData) {
    case ST_LOGIN_RES:
    var fnd=aData.match(/<a\s+href="(\S+?)">Mein/);
    return,aHttpChannel, aData);

    • Patrick 2009.12.30 18:34 신고


      You have to modify the German words
      Check your email account how the words have to be

      -ungelesene (~unread)
      -ungelesenen (~unread Plural)
      -E-Mails (Plural)
      var fnd=aData.match(/<a\s+href=(\S+?) ungelesene(?:n*) E-Mail(?:s*)<\/a>/);

      -Mein (~my)
      var fnd=aData.match(/<a\s+href="(\S+?)">Mein/);

      -Posteingang (~inbox)


  15. varadero 2010.01.03 06:51 신고


    I have problems with the GMX script and the new 2.0.1 webmail notifier!
    Dosn't it work with version 2.0.1, or is some setting on my otifier/PC wrong?

    Thanks for help!!!

    • 밝은영혼 2010.01.03 08:33 신고

      Download script for WebMail Notifier 2

  16. varadero 2010.01.03 16:45 신고

    Thank you very much - now it works again!! :-)
    I was too silly to find this alone!!!! :-(

  17. mp 2010.01.06 17:48 신고


    Like varadero above, I can't access GMX with version 2.0.1 and the new script for WebMail Notifier 2 installed. Obviously GMX Germany changed their start page. Could that be the cause?

    Thanks for any input.

  18. nash 2010.01.16 19:02 신고

    [WebMail 2.1 and Script for 2 is still not working for GMX]

    Forget everything... an hour later WebMail 2.1 and Script for 2 is working, great tool, THX

  19. flash 2010.05.29 04:26 신고


    i need a script to work with strato.
    is it a geman provider.

    • 밝은영혼 2010.05.29 06:34 신고

    • Flash 2010.07.26 19:17 신고

      Danke für den Link nur leider ist hier auch kein Script für "Strato" zu finden.


  20. dee_kay 2010.07.17 01:42 신고


    WMN isnt working with anymore. I downloaded a new script today, but its still not working.

    • 밝은영혼 2010.07.17 15:51 신고

      I updated GMX script. again.
      Please test new version

    • dee_kay 2010.07.18 22:46 신고

      I tried it and it's working. I think the problem was that I didn't delete older scripts. You should write that somewhere on your page.

      Thanks a lot anyway and keep up the good work!

  21. pandora charms 2011.02.25 18:54 신고

    I can't delete user scripts : once deleted, they appear again when I open the corresponding window

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