You can monitor webpage update with WebMail Notifier.
To do this, you need your own script.
First, install this library script.

Second, modify below script as you want
function initHandler(handler){
try{ initUpdateHandler(handler); }catch(e){ dout(e); } //call a function in the library"MyWebpage";
  • name : the provider name that wiil be shown in WebMail Notifier
  • dataURL : the url that you want to monitor
  • mailURL : the url that will be opened when you click the icon or menuitem
  • start, end (optional) : Web Update Notifier will find a string between start and end. If you don't set this value, whole webpage will be monitored.
  • cache (optional) : number of copies that Web Update Notifier will keep. If your web server is clustered(like AMO), update does not occur at a time, In this situation, you need to set this value.

Third, install this script, and add an account. Username and password can be any value.
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  2. alex 2007.09.21 22:35 신고

    Hi, i tried to change some script to connect to my webmail [] but I didn't managed.

    Can you help me?

    The homepage is
    the test account is:
    username: testmailer123
    password: test

    i wait for your help :) thanks

  3. alex 2007.10.07 09:02 신고

    let me know if you have some news... :)

  4. Russell 2007.10.23 04:54 신고

    I really hate to be another person asking you to write a script, but apparently I am a COMPLETE idiot with Java Script. I have been fighting with this thing for hours and no success. So, if you find time, I would love it if you could write a script for I set-up a test account:

    login url:
    login: sample12
    password: 12sample12

    If you find the time, I would really appreciate it. Either way though, GREAT EXTENSION and thanks for all the work!

  5. Avinash 2007.10.24 05:57 신고

    please do for me also

    url :
    id : avinash_bikumala
    pwd : avin04

    waiting for ur reply @

  6. 2008.02.11 06:36 신고

    Thanks for the Add-on, hope you can help me too among us.

  7. 2008.06.23 17:51


  8. Ralf 2008.06.23 17:53 신고

    Hallo könnt ihr bitte Arcor mit in euren Webmail Notifier aufnehmen.
    Ich habe einen Test-Account angelegt.
    Benutzername: arbeitstag
    Passwort: testaccount

    Gruß Ralf

  9. zerokelvin 2008.11.19 10:10 신고

    I keep finding that the e-mail address and password keeps disappearing. I re enter and still the address and passwords get lost.

    Any help appreciated

  10. Ran 2008.12.26 19:02 신고


    I send also this mail in your guestbook. Perhaps it i should send also in this topic.
    Can you help me with the script for Webmail Notifier and in this case for a dutch webmailer!
    Here is the url from the pages:

    Thanks again Ran.

  11. 0172733851 at nate dot com 2009.03.03 14:26 신고

    Thanks for your kindness, It's very useful for us since last year.

    But recently (a few weeks ago) I could not find anymore.
    I tried uninstall and re-install, several times. But woked nothing.

    So I prepared screen capture image of my screen.
    How can I send my e-mail to you?

  12. 0172733851 at nate dot com 2009.03.04 03:36 신고

    Thank you very much for your quick response.
    I sent e-mail.

  13. Breakup Sms 2009.04.17 16:41 신고

    how to add orkut scarps??

  14. Rakhi Sms 2009.08.04 17:52 신고

    I want more details about orkut any onecan?

  15. Condolence-Message 2009.08.05 17:41 신고

    how we can add orkut scrap.and how to use it..

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네이트 계정에서 문자쿠폰(유료문자) 사용 가능합니다.

문자쿠폰이 있는 아이디를 제공해 주신 아라님께 감사드려요~
  1. 아라 2007.08.17 21:31 신고

    와, 벌써 업데이트가 끝났네요. 혹시나 해서 와봤는데.
    혹시 또 아이디 필요하시면 말씀해주세요~

  2. 꼬마얀 2007.08.18 00:05 신고

    좋은 부가기능 만들어주셔서 감사합니다 ^^ 정말 유용하게 잘 쓰고 있습니다 ^^

  3. 올리버네 2007.08.22 23:23 신고

    LightSMS와 WebMailNotifier를 잘 쓰고 있습니다. 감사합니다. 너무 유용하네요 ^^
    (특히 후자는 주요 포탈 자동로그인 대용으로 좋더군요 :)

    최근에 LightSMS에 남은 문자 갯수가 업데이트가 안되네요.
    무조건 0으로 나옵니다. 무료문자 갯수가 남아있으면 문자가 가기는 합니다만...

사용자 삽입 이미지

I redesigned the user script interface.
You can see a button 'User Script' in WebMail Accounts tab.
If you press this button, above window will popup.
If you add or delete scripts, it will be applied immediately

  • 문자 보낸 기록을 저장할지 선택가능
전에 어떤 분이 말씀하셔서 추가해봤습니다.
보낸 기록(history) 옆에 있는 체크 박스로 보낸 기록을 저장할지 선택이 가능합니다.

이름 그대로 싸이월드 메일을 위한 사용자 스크립트 입니다.
설치하면 호스트 목록에 CyMail이라고 나타납니다.
CyMail을 선택하고 아이디와 비밀번호를 입력하면 됩니다.

싸이월드 메일을 자주 쓰지는 않지만, 싸이월드 자동로그인이 되기 때문에 편리해요~
  1. rachat credit 2009.06.09 22:51 신고

    I do not succeed, please help!!

To make your own script, you should be able to handle javascript and regular expressions.

When the login form of your webmail provider is like this,
<form action="" method="post">
<input name="user">
<input name="passwd" type="password">
<input name="key" value="abc=12" type="hidden">
<input value="Login" type="submit">
the corresponding script is as below.
Save below codes as 'mymail.js'(or other name that ends with '.js')
And install it in WebMail Notifier preferences.
function initHandler(handler){"MyMail";

handler.getData=function(aData){ //aData is a html source in dataURL
var fnd=aData.match(......); //find mail count
var num;
//get mail count here
return num;
return -1;//display 'not checked' message
  • name : the provider name that wiil be shown in WebMail Notifier
  • dataURL : the url where you can get mail count
  • loginData : [formSubmitURL,usernameField,passwordField,additionalData]
    • formSubmitURL : action url of the login form
    • usernameField : input field name of username
    • passwordField : input field name of password
    • additionalData : other input fields data
  • mailURL : the url that will be opened when you click the icon or menuitem
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  2. Henrik M 2009.01.23 16:35 신고

    Ok. I'm not the best person to make a script, since I don't know JS, but I'm trying anyway.
    I've used the script as a base, since both it and my run on horde.
    The problem is I have no idea how to find the var fnd=aData.match(......) input from the dataURL. I've looked att all the scripts here, but I never find the a.Data.match(...) input in the dataURL source code.

    My code looks as follows (the whole of the handler.getData part is from the script):
    function initHandler(handler){"AA Webmail";

    var fnd=aData.match(/<span dir="ltr">Bo.te de r.ception \((\d+)\)&nbsp;<\/span>/); //nombre de mail non lu

    return fnd[1];
    var fnd_aucun =aData.match(/<span dir="ltr">Bo.te de r.ception&nbsp;<\/span>/); //aucun mail non lu
    if (fnd_aucun)
    return 0;
    return -1;//affiche message non verifie

  3. Felipe 2009.01.29 03:38 신고

    Hello fellows, I was just trying the script for SquirrelMail (posted above), everything went well, except for the notifications. The extension won't notify me of new e-mails. I don't know much about JS, so if someone could please help me find the mistake or correct the code, I would greatly appreciate it. Here it is (obtained from earlier post):

    function initHandler(handler){"UdeC";
    handler.loginData=["","login_username", "secretkey", "just_logged_in=1"];
    var fnd=aData.match(/<font color="#770000">INBOX<\/font><\/a><\/b>&nbsp;<small>\((\d+)\)<\/small>/);
    return fnd[1];
    return -1;

    Thanks in advance! Hope someone can give me a hand here. Cheers.

  4. dimidola 2009.02.09 05:41 신고

    love the code, used it for most my e-mails...
    Have a problem with Horde though...

    function initHandler(handler){"UOC";

    var fnd=aData.match(/Inbox \((\d+?)\)/);
    return fnd[1];
    var fnd_aucun =aData.match(/Inbox/);
    if (fnd_aucun)
    return 0;
    return -1;//affiche message non verifi.

    that's my university's mail and I can't seem to make it work... When I right-click it will open the main page where I have to login. No way I can make it check my mail.. any thoughts???

  5. cpanel 2009.02.09 09:42 신고

    great add on. question- my webhost has its webmail pages on password protected pages, so when I wrote a js script to access the login page, an authentication (login / password) pop-up comes up first, b/c that page itself is protected. the only thing i could think of is to embed the login/password into the URL like: http://[USER]:[PASS]@ is there a way to access the variable for USER/PASS inside the js? I could hardcode, but defeats the purpose a little.

  6. Dakshika Jayahitlaka 2009.02.26 04:35 신고

    Thank you very much.. I did this for our company mail

  7. Mersad 2009.03.03 23:49 신고

    Is it possible to access Firebug console or log what my script is doing (because I cant make it to work, so I need some way to debug it).

  8. 2009.07.03 14:57


  9. 엉뚱뽀이 2009.07.08 09:50 신고

    안녕하세요? 덕분에 좋은 파폭 확장기능을 유용하게 사용하고 있습니다. ^^
    그런데 다름이 아니고 제가 웹메일알림이를 네이트(아이디는 라이코스)를 사용하는데 클릭하면 자동으로 메일 페이지는 열리더군요. 그런데 메일 확인은 안되네요. 네이트아이디가 아니라 통합계정인 라이코스아이디라서 그런걸까요? 만약 그렇다면 사용할 수 있는 방법이 있을까요? 바쁘신데 이런 질문 드려 죄송합니다. ^^

    • 밝은영혼 2009.07.08 12:39 신고

      죄송합니다. 제가 라이코스 아이디가 없어서 확인이 불가능하네요.

  10. fishpen0 2009.07.24 12:01 신고

    Hi, my university uses Microsoft Outlook Web Access. I was wondering if there is a premade script for outlook based sites. If there isn't, can someone help me make one? The specific page for my school is

  11. n5zhkyln 2009.08.25 04:55 신고

    I have the same problem as this guy here: .

    To work around it, I had to change the file "WebMailNotifier.js", adding these line to initHandlers function:
    if(obj.loginData[LOGIN_URL].match(/https:\/\/\[USER\]:\[PASS\]@.+/)) {
    obj.loginData[LOGIN_URL]=obj.loginData[LOGIN_URL].replace("[USER]", encodeURIComponent(obj.user))
    obj.loginData[LOGIN_URL]=obj.loginData[LOGIN_URL].replace("[PASS]", encodeURIComponent(obj.password))

    Those line goes right before this line:
    var post=(obj.loginData[LOGIN_DATA]?obj.loginData[LOGIN_DATA]:"");

    And then I created a user script like this:
    function initHandler(handler) { = "My Webmail Name";
    handler.dataURL = "https://my.webmail.server/exchange/?Cmd=contents&ShowFolders=1";
    handler.loginData = [
    handler.mailURL = "https://my.webmail.server/exchange/";

    handler.getData = function(aData) {
    var fnd = aData.match(/inbox\.gif(.+)outbox\.gif/i);
    if (fnd) {
    fnd = fnd[1].match(/\((\d+)\)/);
    return (fnd ? fnd[1] : 0);
    else {
    return -1;

    Mr. Byungwook Kang, I wonder if you could add those three lines to Webmail Notifier, please.
    Otherwise, every time the add-on needs an update, I have to add those line again.

    Anyway, thank you so much for your magnificent add-on!

    • 밝은영혼 2009.08.26 08:47 신고

      No modification needed.

      Just use this.

      handler.loginData = [

  12. Anon 2009.09.05 02:24 신고

    The preference get automatically deleted. How to solve this problem.

  13. dimidola 2009.09.07 19:18 신고

    Hey, I'm just wondering if there might EVER be a reply to my post... My problem remains and I can't seem to find the problem... All I get is access to the main intro page where I have to input my name and pass... Can ANYONE help??

    (check previous post from dimidola to check my code)

  14. Jack 2009.10.01 02:49 신고

    Thanks for Webmail Notifier.

    However, I have a small issue with Gmail. WN correctly checks and reports unread mail as expected, but remains logged into Google instead of logging off. It does not do so with other accounts, such as Yahoo.

    Is there a way to ensure that it logs off from Google automatically?

    • 밝은영혼 2009.10.01 09:10 신고

      It's because of iGoogle.
      Some people use iGoogle as startup page, and don't want to be logged off from it.

      Log off from iGoogle, and restart firefox.

  15. Jack 2009.10.09 02:04 신고

    Thanks for your reply.

    Fortunately or not, I do not use iGoogle, nor am I logged into it.

    I think the issue is at FF startup, and there are existing tabs to be opened and one is on a Google page or cached page, when WN logs in to check the mail the login is preserved. With new tab to Google (news, for example) the users is logged in. This is undesired. This is not as with others, eg., Yahoo. Maybe WN should wait until all existing tabs are loaded, then check mail made as a setting in Preferences?

  16. yrht 2009.10.16 23:42 신고


  17. peter 2009.10.22 19:59 신고

    Is it possible to write a loginscript vor roundcoube mail?
    user: tester
    password: roundcube
    thanks a lot for your help

  18. Jack 2009.10.23 22:37 신고

    Hello. Any response to the persistent login with Google issue as related on 2009/10/01 02:49. Thanks.

  19. Randy Thiesen 2009.10.31 10:04 신고

    I'm having trouble with the check hotmail since I downloaded Firefox 3.5.4. It doesn't check my hotmail at all. It just says Hotmail not checked

  20. Felipe.- 2009.12.27 09:23 신고

    Mr. Byungwook Kang:

    Please make a working script for SquirrelMail, me and many others would greatly appreciate it.

    Thanks in advance!

    Happy holidays.

  21. Verit 2009.12.29 12:03 신고

    Hi, I need use mail... how can somebody help me using this add? Is it possible? Please, help me.

This is a user script for
If you want to use in WebMail Notifier, install this script.

  1. Matt 2007.11.14 01:19 신고

    This script no longer works...

  2. 2008.07.05 12:56


  3. mimi 2010.09.15 14:41 신고

    can some onw help me to create webmail with this details i try but not responding

This is a user script example.

Above is a script library.
If you install this library script, WebMail Notifier will become 'Web Update Notifier'.
You can check the update of webpage with WebMail Notifier.
But this script does not work alone.

This script is for monitoring AMO.
You can check a new post in

Install these two script. Then you will see the host name 'AMO' in the list.
Make a account.
Set username as the name of addon.
Set password as the addon number.(you can see the number in the url of addon.)

Now you can see the notificatio of WebMail Notifier when there is a new posting in AMO.
  1. itsmydime 2009.03.18 03:50 신고

    Firefox just downloaded latest version of Webmail it doesnt check email addresses.. I have to manually do it and it doesnt show new mail....I then deleted and tried again..still not working~!

    Please advise

사용자 삽입 이미지

User script interface

In ver 0.9.2, user script interface was added. You can easily install user script.
Just download script files in here, install it by pressing the 'Add' button, and press 'OK' button.
Then you can see a new host name in the webmail accouts page.

If you want to upload user script here, use trackback or send mail to me ( tobwithu at )

  1. 지우개닷컴 2007.08.11 04:47 신고

    감사합니다~ 잘사용하고 있답니다^^

  2. 163 2007.09.14 21:08 신고

    can u give me User script?tks

  3. 2009.02.01 00:40


  4. XanDer 2009.02.01 00:42 신고

    please, for

  5. Blockbuster 2009.07.29 03:38 신고

    thx you for this great tool , you are the best ^^
    i need it for
    its a german side and im a noob in javascripting -.-
    pls help me i hope you can ^^

  6. Mike Lorence 2009.08.15 03:22 신고

    Can someone please make one for
    or if it already exist tell me where i find it?
    email me please to

  7. IG 2011.01.26 17:33 신고

    for PLEASE ))))))))

LightSMS 0.3이 AMO(에 공개되었습니다.
Sandbox 상태에 있던 것이 Public으로 바뀌어서 누구나 볼 수 있게 되었습니다.

  1. 한방블르스 2007.08.06 12:57 신고과 호환성이 없다고 나옵니다.

    • 한방블르스 2007.08.06 13:02 신고

      아래에 있는 링크는 잘됩니다.
      모질라에 있는 링크는 호환이 안된다고 나오네요.


    • 밝은영혼 2007.08.06 21:10 신고

      지금 해보니 모질라에 있는 것도 잘 되는데요 ^^a

  2. 빨대맨 2007.08.09 16:38 신고

    제 명의로 가입된 SKT 전화기가 2개가 있는데,
    한개는 제가 쓰고, 다른 한개는 아내가 사용합니다.
    LightSMS를 인스톨하고 문자보낼 수 있는 창을 띄우면,
    기본으로 아내의 핸드폰 번호가 From에 채워지네요..
    2개이상의 전화번호가 검색되면 찾을 수 있게 해주시면 좋을것 같은데..

    여하튼 감사히 쓰겠습니다.

  3. 밝은영혼 2007.08.09 21:17 신고

    그런 경우도 있군요.
    보내는 사람 번호는 직접 입력하면 되고, 문자를 보내면 그 번호로 저장됩니다.

  4. Light 2007.08.10 11:49 신고

    전에 sms 보다 여러창이 추가되있는데요
    로그인창이 안보이네요
    그리고 로그인 이라고 밑에 나옵니다

    설명좀 자세히 부탁드리겟습니다..ㅡㅡ

  5. 맑은기둥 2007.08.14 04:04 신고

    농협에 통장하나 만드시면 월 무료문자 50건 입니다. 통신사 상관없구요. 인터넷뱅킹 사용해야만 하는지는 모르겠습니다. 주소는 이구요 공인인증서로 로그인 할 수도 있지만 회원가입하고 아이디/패스워드로 로그인하는 방식입니다. 반드시 농협 통장이 있어야 하는지는 모르겠습니다.
    함 둘러보시고 마음에 드시면 LightSMS로 사용할 수 있다면 좋겠군요.
    LightSMS 에서 안되더라도...무료문자 사용하시는 분들께 좋은 정보가 되었으면 좋겠습니다.
    혹시 다른 은행에서도 무료문자 제공하는 서비스가 있다면 정보공유합시다~
    무료문자 때문에 통신사 바꾸는 것까지 고려하신다는 댓글도 간혹 보이는데 제가 보기에는 번호이동보다 통장하나 만드는게 쉬워보이네요.

    • 밝은영혼 2007.08.14 10:10 신고

      들어가자마자 ActiveX깔라고 난리군요 ㅡㅡ;
      불여우에서 사용가능한 사이트인가요?

    • 맑은기둥 2007.08.14 18:35 신고

      은행관련 싸이트는 웹마를 사용하거나 Ie tab을 사용하는데 파폭에서 싸이트 자체를 띄울수 있어야 하는가보죠?

      전 lightSMS프로그램에서 자동으로 로그인하고 문자발송하고 하길래 미처 그 생각을 못했습니다. 아쉽네요.

    • 밝은영혼 2007.08.14 18:41 신고

      최소한 불여우에서 로그인해서 문자보내는 페이지를 로딩할 수 있는 정도는 되어야합니다 ^^; 티월드가 그렇죠.

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