You can monitor webpage update with WebMail Notifier.
To do this, you need your own script.
First, install this library script.

Second, modify below script as you want
function initHandler(handler){
try{ initUpdateHandler(handler); }catch(e){ dout(e); } //call a function in the library"MyWebpage";
  • name : the provider name that wiil be shown in WebMail Notifier
  • dataURL : the url that you want to monitor
  • mailURL : the url that will be opened when you click the icon or menuitem
  • start, end (optional) : Web Update Notifier will find a string between start and end. If you don't set this value, whole webpage will be monitored.
  • cache (optional) : number of copies that Web Update Notifier will keep. If your web server is clustered(like AMO), update does not occur at a time, In this situation, you need to set this value.

Third, install this script, and add an account. Username and password can be any value.
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  2. alex 2007.09.21 22:35 신고

    Hi, i tried to change some script to connect to my webmail [] but I didn't managed.

    Can you help me?

    The homepage is
    the test account is:
    username: testmailer123
    password: test

    i wait for your help :) thanks

  3. alex 2007.10.07 09:02 신고

    let me know if you have some news... :)

  4. Russell 2007.10.23 04:54 신고

    I really hate to be another person asking you to write a script, but apparently I am a COMPLETE idiot with Java Script. I have been fighting with this thing for hours and no success. So, if you find time, I would love it if you could write a script for I set-up a test account:

    login url:
    login: sample12
    password: 12sample12

    If you find the time, I would really appreciate it. Either way though, GREAT EXTENSION and thanks for all the work!

  5. Avinash 2007.10.24 05:57 신고

    please do for me also

    url :
    id : avinash_bikumala
    pwd : avin04

    waiting for ur reply @

  6. 2008.02.11 06:36 신고

    Thanks for the Add-on, hope you can help me too among us.

  7. 2008.06.23 17:51


  8. Ralf 2008.06.23 17:53 신고

    Hallo könnt ihr bitte Arcor mit in euren Webmail Notifier aufnehmen.
    Ich habe einen Test-Account angelegt.
    Benutzername: arbeitstag
    Passwort: testaccount

    Gruß Ralf

  9. zerokelvin 2008.11.19 10:10 신고

    I keep finding that the e-mail address and password keeps disappearing. I re enter and still the address and passwords get lost.

    Any help appreciated

  10. Ran 2008.12.26 19:02 신고


    I send also this mail in your guestbook. Perhaps it i should send also in this topic.
    Can you help me with the script for Webmail Notifier and in this case for a dutch webmailer!
    Here is the url from the pages:

    Thanks again Ran.

  11. 0172733851 at nate dot com 2009.03.03 14:26 신고

    Thanks for your kindness, It's very useful for us since last year.

    But recently (a few weeks ago) I could not find anymore.
    I tried uninstall and re-install, several times. But woked nothing.

    So I prepared screen capture image of my screen.
    How can I send my e-mail to you?

  12. 0172733851 at nate dot com 2009.03.04 03:36 신고

    Thank you very much for your quick response.
    I sent e-mail.

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