This is a user script for
If you want to use it in WebMail Notifier, install this script.

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  2. hexen2 2009.07.27 22:08 신고

    ok ok, now it;s working, but script for "" doesn't working, there r newest interface, maybe that is problem for script... beci have 3 mailboxes at this website, and all have status "Not checked" marked red colour :(

  3. hexen 2009.08.05 18:56 신고

    please, rewrite...

    • Thomas 2009.10.29 17:04 신고

      I also would like to join to request of rewriting the script because it doesn't work any more. Many thanks

  4. [old_school] 2009.08.17 15:41 신고

    Is there any possibility to create Script for ?
    password: webmail1
    It will be great if u can do it for me.
    Best regards

  5. 2009.10.29 17:01


  6. Thomas 2009.10.29 17:13 신고

    Could you rewrite script for ? I have error "Not checked"... Thanks. Regards

  7. 밝은영혼 2009.11.06 00:26 신고

    Is it possible to rewrite the script for ? Many people would be very grateful for your effort. Still the same problem: "Not checked..". Clicking on envelope I can go into the mail box, but your script doesn't show that it checks the mail account. Recently mail provider changed the interface. Test account:

    Many thanks in advance.

  8. Thomas 2009.11.22 05:51 신고

    Did you try to repair the error ?

  9. Peter 2009.11.25 02:58 신고

    Dear friend. A lot of friends of mine are waiting for working version of the script for ? We know that for you it is surely 5 minutes to correct the error so if you don't mind you could make us very happy. Thanks

  10. Peter 2009.11.26 00:50 신고

    Many thanks for your effort. I realize that it's not easy for you due to languages problems. Thanks for your time but unfortunately something is wrong. It didn't show the error "Not checked...". But I if even choose manually to check the mail it doesn't show anything although I know that there is new mail. If I click on the envelope I turn into the mail page (it means that I proper log into my account) and then your script is beginning to work because it shows the new mails near the envelope. If I won't enter the mail account your script doesn't show anything...

  11. Peter 2009.11.26 01:18 신고

    I uninstall your addon from Mozilla, installed again and the script above and now I have again: "Not checked..." :(

  12. Peter 2009.11.26 02:31 신고

    Install again and the problem as I previous described - it doesn't show that there are new emails. It shows only when I manually go into the email page.

    • 밝은영혼 2009.11.26 05:11 신고

      I have two accounts and all of them works fine.
      Uninstall script(not webmail notifier) and install new script again.

  13. Peter 2009.11.26 16:11 신고

    Unfortunately still the same. I uninstall all scripts , install the new one and it still doens't show new emails. Show only when I manually (clicking on the envelope) go into the email page, I see new email and then your script shows the new email also (envelope and no 1). I tried it into another computer.

  14. Peter 2009.11.26 16:45 신고

    If you can try: install script, then send email into the test account and see if you get new message warning .. send another mail and check...

    • 밝은영혼 2009.11.26 17:02 신고

      I updated the script again.
      It was because of the difference between new and classic mail interface.

  15. Peter 2009.11.27 04:16 신고

    I know you sacrificed a lot of time on working on that script but still it doesn't work well. When I left click on the envelope it goes into the classic interface of mail page. Besides it still doesn't show new emails. Only when I manually go into the mail page and there is new mail then your script SHOWS the new message. Only in that case. I feel the solution is near but you are the master :) It's maybe few minutes to final solution ... thanks in advance

    • 밝은영혼 2009.11.27 04:44 신고

      1. check if you have installed latest script
      (find in your firefox profile folder, open it with notepad, The date in file should be 2009-11-26)
      2. logout from
      3. login as new interface
      4. restart firefox

      If this not work, can you provide me an test account that does not work with current script?

  16. Peter 2009.11.27 05:37 신고

    You can take these data:
    Password: webmailtest2009

    The strange thing is that your script works always when I close the Firefox and open it again. Then everything is OK. But if the Firefox is open and I got new mail it doesn't show this. But if I close the Firefox and open it again it shows the second mail. Strange. Why it doesn't show new mails when you have the Firefox opened and during that time you receive new message ??
    I made what you wrote above but it doesn't work also.

    • 밝은영혼 2009.11.27 09:14 신고

      I think the script is not a problem.
      WebMail Notifier is not realtime.
      It just check your mail periodically.(default 10min)
      Set the period shorter or click 'check now'.

  17. Peter 2009.11.27 14:58 신고

    I know that webmail checks mail periodically and of course I did CHECK NOW - but without result in the case I described above

    • 밝은영혼 2009.11.27 15:04 신고

      create new firefox profile.
      install WMN and interia script.
      let me know if it works.

  18. Peter 2009.11.27 16:09 신고

    I created new profile. Still the same. It only shows new mails when I close firefox and open it again. Only in that case. If the Firefox is open and the new mail is coming the script doesn't show it.

  19. marin270 2009.12.10 01:19 신고

    Hi, using Ubuntu 9.10, firefox 3.5.5 and wemail notifier 1.5.5.
    I have 2 email accounts setup, gmail and hotmail. I have it check every 1 minute. It just never notifies this suppose to work? please advise. thanks.

  20. Martin 2009.12.23 22:42 신고

    Could you make script for checking webmail? I'd really appreciate this.

  21. hexen 2009.12.29 08:46 신고

    script doesn't working with webmail 2.x, but with older has worked perfectly... can u rewrite it again? I can't check email, i can't open inbox after updating to 2.x...

    sry for my eng

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