This is a user script for by Robert K
If you want to use it in WebMail Notifier, install this script.

You can find detailed installation instructions here.
  1. Robert K 2008.07.01 20:56 신고

    Hi, we have a new version of the zenbe script available...

    Can you please update the version on your site?
    (Also, there's a small typo in your comment above - it's, not


  2. rob 2008.12.18 00:37 신고

    WEb Notifier no longer working with Yahoo! Mail's new signin front page. They are switching to interactive signin page with all kind of junk. Please update WebMail Notifier for FireFox to work with new version of Yahoo! mail which is being forced on us. We have no choice. Webmail Notifier is the handiest app out there!



  3. thebatty1 2009.10.17 03:16 신고

    can someone please help me figure out how to use this board to get support. I cant seem to figure it out.
    my email addy is

    Of coarse leave out the NOSPAM..
    thanks and Please I as a fast learner but cant figure out this site.

  4. shakeran 2009.12.15 21:26 신고

    Hi everybody
    Can aneone write a script for:

    I'm in great need.
    email for more info:

  5. Felipe.- 2010.01.05 09:15 신고

    Mr. Byungwook Kang:

    Please make a working script for SquirrelMail, me and many others would greatly appreciate it.

    Thanks in advance!

    Happy holidays.

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