This is a user script for French by Nicolas Turcot
If you want to use it in WebMail Notifier, install this script.

The original site is here.
  1. Hubird 2008.07.21 22:25 신고

    I have Webmail notifier 1.1.4 and it has worked without a problem until today. It notifies me of new messages but when I click on the webmail icon I still have to enter my login in details. My email account is with yahoo, have they changed something ?

  2. 3gg 2008.10.22 18:04 신고

    Bravo ! Le script pour marche TRES bien ! ^^

  3. rob 2008.12.18 00:37 신고

    WEb Notifier no longer working with Yahoo! Mail's new signin front page. They are switching to interactive signin page with all kind of junk. Please update WebMail Notifier for FireFox to work with new version of Yahoo! mail which is being forced on us. We have no choice. Webmail Notifier is the handiest app out there!



  4. annonce 2009.01.14 07:04 신고

    Bravo ! Le script pour marche TRES bien ! ^^

  5. Nervix 2009.02.17 20:29 신고

    Utilisateur Zimbra !!
    trouver sur :
    grand merci a "flagada"
    function initHandler(handler){"Zimbra Free";

    var fnd=aData.match(/Zimbra: Inbox \((\d+?)\)/); // nombre de mails non lus
    if(fnd) {
    return fnd[1];
    } else {
    var fnd_aucun = aData.match(/Zimbra: Inbox/); //aucun mail non lu
    if (fnd_aucun) {
    return 0;
    } else {
    return -1; //affiche le message "non verifié"

  6. peter 2009.10.28 19:42 신고

    Is it possible to write a loginscript vor roundcoube mail?
    user: tester
    password: roundcube
    thanks a lot for your help

  7. Wazomba 2009.12.15 04:17 신고

    Hello, can you please give us guidelines to write a script for my company webmail server ? As an IT, I'm very curious to test the capability of Webmail Notifier to accept specially coded scripts for particular mailservers. If you could provide something like a tutorial script...:-)

  8. Julio 2009.12.28 01:25 신고

    could someone make script for I modify the script ( and it doesn't work.




  9. playa 2009.12.30 09:19 신고

    since the 2.0 release, the script isnt working anymore. please modify

    • 밝은영혼 2009.12.30 09:24 신고

      Get script for WMN 2 here

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