This is a user script for AOL(tested with,,, icq number).
If you want to use it in WebMail Notifier, install this script.
Before update remove current AOL script.
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  2. 비온뒤햇살 2009.10.07 15:04 신고

    webmailnotifier 를 잘 쓰고 있습니다.
    nate계정에서 nate와 empal 계정 두개를 쓰는데,
    분명히 새로온 메일을 다 확인했는데, 언제 update 후 부터, nate계정에 29개의 메일이 있다고
    자꾸 나옵니다.

  3. Koen de Vries 2009.10.09 23:46 신고

    The main webmailadress I'm using is a ""-account and it's the only webmailaccount I'm using that won't work with the add-on. Is it possible to get that account working too?

    • 밝은영혼 2009.10.09 23:49 신고

      I couldn't test it because I don't have '' account.
      Can you provide me one?
      If you can, mail me tobwithu (at)

  4. 비온뒤햇살 2009.10.12 11:20 신고

    1.5.3 판에서 위의 문제가 해결 되었습니다.
    잘 쓸께요.

  5. Dave Johnson 2009.10.14 09:22 신고

    A captcha keeps popping up for Yahoo mail login. It is very annoying as it messes up the streaming movies I'm trying to watch.

  6. 謝曠鋭 2009.11.06 11:21 신고

    I just wanted to thank you for the AOL script. I'm running Firefox Version 3.5.4 and so far, WebMail Notifier 1.5.3 is working like a charm.

  7. Vanessa 2009.11.10 01:22 신고


    This is a great add-on. I just started using it for my gmail and it works great, but for AOL not so much. I downloaded the script you provided as a JScript Script file but when I add it to the add on it just gives me the message "AOL: not checked". I've tried the "check now" option, I've tried deleting and re-adding all of my accounts, to no avail. What should I do next? (Running FF v 3.5.5)

  8. rokoe 2009.12.02 12:56 신고

    AOL script needs updating, it does not work and fails auto login as well. FF 3.5.5

  9. Vanessa 2009.12.04 02:07 신고

    I deleted the old AOL script and installed the new one to no avail, get that same "AOL: not checked" message :(

  10. jane 2009.12.05 04:11 신고

    Great work!
    Thanks :)

  11. rokoe 2009.12.05 13:39 신고

    not working still. thanks for updating so quickly but it doesnt work.

  12. Plain_Jim 2009.12.06 06:28 신고

    It's working for me - but I had to go into my system files and delete the previous hidden folders for this add-on. The new javascript did not just overwrite the last one.

    OK, in Linux, in the ~/.mozilla/firefox/(randomstring)default folder was a folder called wmn (for WebMail Notifier, no doubt) that had the old aol.js in it. I deleted the folder, downloaded and installed the new aol.js, and it's working now. If I can get it to work in my XP install, I'll post that, too. (By the way, the "~" above stands for /home/[your home directory name]).

    OK, in XP, the aol.js file to delete is in c:\|Documents & Settings\|(name)|\Application Data\|Mozilla\|Firefox\|Profiles\|(randomstring).default\|wmn. (Chnage the pipes to backslashes; this website doesn't like backslashes, evidently.) Get5 rid of that aol.js, then go back and do the install thru the procedure in the add-on itself, and you should be good to go. (And I love my netbook, but it is a pain to type on.)

  13. rokoe 2009.12.06 12:06 신고

    i did that Plain_Jim

    i deleted the old aol.js 1.93kb manually and added the new aol.js 2.10kb using the Webmail Notifier options. i am still showing the message AOL : not checked and then i right click the mail icon and select 'Open AOL' it fails to auto login and brings me to|rt%3aSTANDARD|at%3aSNS||uv%3aAOL|lc%3aen-us|mt%3aAOL|snt%3aScreenName|sid%3a6a78c40c-f012-4e2b-ac4c-66d51c67a6bb&offerId=mail-second-en-us&seamless=novl

    is the problem my username|aol email address is ***** instead of
    please Byungwook Kang how do i fix this?

    • 밝은영혼 2009.12.06 13:07 신고

      I couldn't test with '***' for I don't have an account.
      Can you provide me a test account?

    • rokoe 2009.12.07 04:48 신고

      you now have a new aim account sent info to your gmail

    • 밝은영혼 2009.12.07 11:08 신고

      I updated the script
      It works with '' now
      Thank you for your help.

    • rokoe 2009.12.08 02:02 신고

      thank you it works!

  14. 파란 2009.12.14 21:49 신고

    천리안 메일(지원해주실 수 없나요?..

  15. Plain_Jim 2009.12.29 11:05 신고

    With the new update (2.0.1), here's what I had to do:
    1) add all the Mail.Com accounts as AOL accounts again
    2) Go to your /home/(username)/.mozilla/firefox/(randomstring)/wmn directory, and delete the aol.js javascript.
    3) restart Firefox. All my Mail.Com accounts are working again.

    • Gluco 2009.12.30 01:35 신고

      It works thx...

      The WMN is under C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\ folder (Windows 7/Vista) or the C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\ folder (Windows XP/2000)

  16. MartyLK 2009.12.30 02:21 신고

    The latest update has caused a small box to appear. I can't keep the box from appearing. When I uncheck the option, it rechecks whenever FF is started.

  17. Vanessa 2010.01.12 01:40 신고

    AOL script stopped working with the new upgrade, can you provide the new one?

  18. jane 2010.02.12 06:53 신고

    AOL stopped working today (I think). I use it with an "" account.
    There is no longer any script in the "wmn" folder, it must have been removed by an update.
    And, I run on linux, if that matters...
    I have tried to remove account, restart FF and then add the account again. No luck, though...
    And: There are no error messages in the console.

  19. Vinnie 2010.07.12 00:01 신고

    please can you make a webmail notifier for google chrome as well?

  20. Vanessa 2010.07.27 01:02 신고

    The AOL stopped working again :(

    • 밝은영혼 2010.07.27 01:03 신고

  21. Thomas 2010.10.05 21:44 신고

    Hi Byungwook,
    Since the last 2 or 3 updates, Webmail Notifier now indicated twice as many unread mails as there really are.
    For example if I receive 1 mail, then Webmail Notifier tells me I have 2 unread mails. If I receive one more mail, then it says I have 4 unread mails, etc.
    I use Webmail Notifier 2.6 with Firefox 3.6.3 in Windows XP.
    Thank you very much for your very useful add-on.

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