I used RapidSVN as subversion GUI client for my Windows desktop.

I like it because it's lightweight standalone application.

Unfortunately, it is not updated anymore and it does not work with latest subversion.

I decided to make it work again for myself.

Finally, I succeeded.

Here is how I did.


  1. Visual Studio Community 2017
    On Windows 7, you need to install Windows 8.1 SDK too with Visual Studio Installer.
  2. Python (2.7.15)
    Subversion's build script is based on Python 2.x. (Python 3.x is not supported)
  3. Perl (strawberry-perl
    Required to build openssl
  4. nasm (2.14rc15)
    Required to build openssl
  5. Scons (scons-local-3.0.1)
    Required to build serf

Source Codes and Libraries

  1. Subversion (1.10.2)
    1. zlib (1.2.11)
    2. expat (2.2.6)
    3. apr (1.6.3-win32)
    4. apr-util (1.6.1-win32)
    5. apr-iconv (1.2.2-win32)
    6. sqlite (sqlite-amalgamation-3240000)
    7. openssl (1.1.0i)
    8. serf (1.3.9)
    9. svn-win32-libintl
    10. gettext-0.14.4-bin.zip, gettext-0.14.4-dep.zip
  2. wxWidgets (3.1.1)
  3. RapidSVN

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